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Reading stuffs you with knowledge and also strengthens you socially and mentally.Read our ebook and transform your way of life! At you will get the best ebooks.
Yes! We call them the best because all the information provided in our ebooks is based on practical experiences and research. Also, make use of our after sales information. Get the extra information you grow solicitous about after reading any of our ebook. So, pick any book on your favourite subject right away from our rack and get smarter than your pals!

Our E Books


Mauritius,where nature allures you and takes you to a world full of fascination.Want to reward your wife for the efforts she makes to keep the fire in your hearth on? Want to give her the happiness she gives you every time you return home after an exhausting day at work? Want to see more than happiness on the face of your children? Thinking that it has been a long time that you have given some time to your family members? Then, going for vacation to the island that excites, where multi-cultural society welcomes you with open arms and where desire and fascinationd well is a great idea.

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Care For Your Skin

Oscar Wilde has rightly said that “No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.” When we think about this quote, it appears to us that no matter how beautiful we are there are always chances that we may lose luster. The most important part of the body that shields the entire body, skin, has to look great and beautiful if we want to look beautiful. If properly not taken care of then some conditions may arise when no matter how pretty you are you may not remain so. Shocking but true!

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Food Recipes For Working Womens

Somebody has said rightly that, “You are what you eat!” Whatever you eat has an effect on your body as well as skin.Research suggests that food has an effect on your mind as well. Eat nutritious and healthy food and you will find your self healthy and fit with glowing skin. Healthy eating is the best way to remain fit and fine. Healthy eating may sometime seem tough and challenging but it has many benefits that make it worth while.

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Yoga, a small word but loaded with enormous power. Yes! It has the power to change the quality of your life. Yoga is that spiritual practice which brings about a great transformation in all the aspects, of a person, the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual. Yoga helps you not only in keeping your body healthy, it also helps in developing alertness of mind and enhancing sense of awareness. Yoga makes your outer self work in sync with inner self. Just give twenty to thirty minutes a day to practice yoga and you will experience the changes both in your body and mind.

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The piling work pressure, meeting the last minute deadlines, that 'ok, cool' from the boss in spite of giving your best, the pounding heartbeat when you think of the Performance Management System (PMS) ranking. Gone through all this… Now, do you tell yourself it's enough! Then, it's time for you to take a break and rejuvenate your senses by taking that deserving vacation with your family.

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Save Money & Earn Money

It is rightly said that “ Saving money is a way of earning money.” In today’ s fast changing world it has become a tough task to earn money and moreover quite difficult to save money when you have lot of bills pending every month to be paid.

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Weight Loss

Want to lose weight fast? It's easy to say goodbye to 10 pounds of unwanted fat with these easy diet tips. Usually people think that they cannot succeed in weight loss. But this is a wrong perception as research has shown that 20% of overweight individuals are successful in attaining weight loss when defined as losing at least 10% of initial body weight and maintaining the loss for at least 1 year.

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Our vpn ebook covers up everything you need to understand about vpn including installation,configuring and make them running from scratch.We cover up the live examples which have been tested and implemented by our expert technical team.All the vpn technologies PPTP,IPSEC,L2TP,SSL & Mobile VPN solutions have been covered up in this ebook.

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What Is Clustering?

Our clustering ebook gives you a complete insight on all kinds of server clustering & high availability clustering technologies. This ebooks consist of installation,configuration,downloading of all software packages to implement high availability clustering. It covers up what is clustering,what is High Availability,how to do clustering,DRBD Clustering,Heartbeat clustering,configuring various services on clustering,database clustering,clustering in sql,Mysql & Oracle clustering methods etc.

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Load Balancer

What is load balancer ? How to load balance your servers for providing zero downtime for your clients. This ebook on load balancer gives you all the methodologies for implementing open source load balancers with all the best live examples & configuration. So become a load balancer expert by learning all the best open source & commercial load balancers.This ebook covers up all load balancing techniques like session sticking,cookie based,round robin etc along with creating load balance clusters. We have also covered up hardware and software load balancers.Installation & Configuration of Load Balancer GUI for statistics is also covered up.

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Linux Course Kit a promising and emerging name giving you great ebooks on various niche topics has also started educational course kits on various technologies and subject in demand.We have made our training kits on Linux,Ethical hacking and Java. Linux being the popular and open source being the choice of almost all the administrators,companies etc. we have techincally designed our training kit in three different modules. Linux is not only robust & secure operating system but it also adds to cost efficicency & productivity."Promotional Offer: Get 25% off on 60 Hours Of Online/Classroom Training If You Own This Kit"

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Saibaba Free Ebook

The ebook named stories and miracles of saibaba is free and anyone can download it by clicking on download link. This ebook consist of the following :-
1) Lord Saibaba Introduction & History.
2) 25 wonderful real stories of Saibaba with wonderful pictures.
3) God Saibaba's story of making his first idol.
4) Saibaba Teaching and Practices.
5) Saibaba 12th assurances(vachans) for devotees.FREE DOWNLOAD PDF FILE

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How to Fight Cancer

Cancer is a dreadous disease which has spread across the world and has affected various people across the globe. Cancer not only affects the life of the person but also to the whole family. There are various factors causing cancer and also the awareness of cancer needs to be spread and passed on. So team decided to take the subject of cancer and have written an ebook on how to fight with cancer and to kick it. Following are the contents of this ebook which has been written by great research and information.

1) Common Types of Cancer.
2) Causes of Cancer.
3) How to Treat Cancer ?
4) Approach & Attitude towards Cancer.
5) Testimonials of the people(celebrities) who fought cancer.

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How to IDS-IPS

In today's world full of technology & internet, you are prone to attacks so the main question comes to the mind are your networks safe,servers safe,is there any denial of service,brute force or distributed denial of service attacks,the answer is to have a intrustion detection & prevention system at your end which can suffice and provide a robust security to detect & prevent attacks.

1) What is IDS-IPS (Intrusion Detection-Prevention System)
2) Installing & Configuring IDS-IPS (OSSEC Server & Agents on Linux-Windows)
3) Tools for DOS-DDOS-Dictionary-Brute Force Attacks
4) Real time prevention of DOS-DDOS-Brute force attacks using IDS-IPS.
5)IDS-IPS GUI for Logs & monitoring
6) Dynamic Firewall Implementation & scripts for IDS-IPS

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Ethical Hacking Training

Hacking has been an dangerous word and activity. Now a days we find lots of websites been defaced, confidential data being compromised,phishing, denial of service & distributed denial of service attacks etc. So there has been an urge to have security professionals who can detect & prevent such attacks by finding out the loopholes, Technology has been upgrading every now and then, so the security or networking expert needs to be compliant with various advanced techniques which hacker uses to intrude & make damage to the network.

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